Care U offers tailor-made household caring services to the elderly in need. Formed by experienced healthcare professionals, Care U provides holistic home care services to you or your beloved senior citizens according to the needs and health conditions. Under the Care U monthly services plan, you and your beloved elderly could enjoy one-stop comprehensive home care services supported by cross-disciplinary healthcare team, by paying reasonable fees.
*Monthly Services Plan fees as low as HKD4,000, subject to services subscribed and conditions of service recipients.

Service Targets

(1) Elderly
(2) Disabled persons
(3) Persons with illnesses
(4) Persons with special care needs

Scope of Services

Care U provides a wide range of services. Under the assessment of registered social worker, service recipients may choose suitable services in accordance to their own needs and carry out personalised caring programme:

Rehabilitation Training and Nursing Services
  • Rehabilitation Exercises
    • Integrated aches treatment
    • Falling risk assessment
    • Muscular strength and joint mobility training
    • Self-care ability training
    • Rehabilitation treatment after stroke
  • Nursing Service
    • Blood pressure measurement
    • Nasogastric tube feeding
    • Medication follow-ups
  • Specific Nursing
    • Wound treatment
    • Treatment after surgery
    • Stoma treatment and care
Household Support Services
  • Household Cleaning
  • Personal Caring
  • Household assessment and improvement advice@

@To be provided by Care U recognised professional partners

Enquiries and Reservations
  1. Please give us phone calls, WhatsApp messages or emails for any service enquiries
  2. Our registered social workers provide service consultation to service recipients/carers and understand service needs via phone calls or WhatsApp messages
  3. Service recipients/carers confirm services requested and fees
  4. Registered social workers do household visit assessment and understand caring needs of service recipients and carers for carrying out suitable personalised caring programme
  5. Customer service specialists reserve suitable healthcare professionals to provide door-to-door caring services
  6. Registered social workers and professional team review service programme regularly and update the programme if needed

24-hour WhatsApp:+852 6737 1999
24-hour hotline:+ 852 2628 7020
email: [email protected]