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CARE U is formed by a core group of medical professionals and a group of high-quality healthcare personne. With our qualified health care experienced professionals, CARE U provides strategic advisory services and individualized health care services to the needs of customers. Our Professional nursing team and services designation solution are depend on a core of Service concept as "preferred Customer" and "Heart to Heart" conduct.


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Professional Home Care Team

All our Professional Healthcare Teams and Nurses are registered with the Hong Kong Nursing Council.

Our Professional team includes:

Registered Nurses
Enrolled Nurses
Occupational Therapist
China-Trained Nurses
Rehabilitation Assistant
Health Workers
Health Care Assistants
Personal Care Workers
Clinic Assistants
Domestic Helper

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Workers in comparison have more medical training and therefore are better suited to tasks such as wound care, working with feeding tubes and medicine management. Professional Care Worker are trained to take care of everyday activities, such as feeding, bathing, diaper change and other mobility-related tasks. The employment of either professionals should depend on the need of individual cases.

There are both nurses and general care professionals within our team. Nurses are further divided into Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse. General care professionals include China-trained nurses, health worker, professional care worker, general care worker and out-patient escorts. Our Case Manager will make a recommendation based on your needs.

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